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Mathematics and computer science have evolved into a matter of utmost importance in our modern society. We are confronted with the product of mathematical and computational research in all situations and aspects of our daily lives. To ensure that this technical revolution continues to thrive, science in all of its facets has to be persistently promoted and encouraged. The Heidelberg Laureate Forum rises to this challenge by bringing together the most exceptional mathematicians and computer scientists of their generations. Each year, in the last complete week of September, the recipients of the most prestigious awards in mathematics and computer science, the Abel Prize, ACM A.M. Turing Award, ACM Prize in Computing, Fields Medal and Nevanlinna Prize, meet 200 selected young researchers from all over the world. Participants spend a week interacting and networking in a relaxed atmosphere designed to encourage scientific exchange.

Apply now!

Calling outstanding young researchers  – the application process for the 9th HLF has begun! Young researchers in mathematics, computer science and closely related disciplines at all phases of their careers (Undergraduate/Pre-Master, Graduate PhD or Postdoc) are encouraged to submit their applications. The application period runs from November 11, 2021, until February 11, 2022. The 9th HLF takes place from September 18–23, 2022.


8th HLF Highlights

This past September 20–23, the 8th HLF offered a diverse blend of traditional and novel components that were optimized to create a space for effective interaction. Here’s a highlight reel that provides a glimpse into the various elements, the on-site studio and hopefully sparks interest to check out the sessions on YouTube.

From the Hot Topic on the “Mathematics of Disease: The Science of Epidemic Modeling” to the Laureate Discussions, or the panels centralized on science communication, there is plenty of highly relevant material. The 8th HLF set out and proved to be a digital, dynamic and interactive event.

HLFF Spotlight

The HLFF Spotlight: Alumni in Action series returns to shine on Demian Nahuel Goos, who teaches at the Universidad Nacional de Rosario in Argentina. The HLFF Spotlight profiles inspirational collaborations, projects and career developments of HLF alumni. This brief video documentary examines Goos’ "Intercultural Science Art Project" that he presented at the 7th HLF in 2019. Goos’ project was inspired to find artistic avenues to explain complex scientific topics so that a wider audience could comprehend what lies behind his research in mathematics.